Apartmani Mašković


Looking for the perfect vacation?

Mašković Apartments, located beside the sea in one of the most beautiful bays of the island Korcula, could  be your ideal vacation.

Welcome to the island of Korcula. The island known for its authentic Mediterranean ambience, beautiful bays and beaches, crystal blue sea and untouched nature.

In one of Korcula bays are located Karbuni. The place is one of the most popular anchorage for small boats, and the bay is studded with many small islands with natural beaches. The entire bay is a quiet corner covered with fragrant Mediterranean plants that stretches all the way to the sea.

Mašković Apartments are situated in the middle of the bay Karbuni, 7 km away from Blato and Vela Luka. We offer fully furnished apartments (***) with a view 10 m away from the sea, private beach, parking, mooring for your boat as well as other services that will make your vacation complete.